Steel Service Centers marking requirements use of a wide variety of markers for a variety of conditions. Below is a summary of marking requirements and the marking options available.

Cold, oily or rough surfaces. Most Steel Service Centers are not heated so Solid Marker Low Tempmarkers need to perform at temperatures as low as -30 deg F or colder. At these extreme temperatures, conventional solid paint markers become brittle and break. Felt tip, liquid paint pens take several minutes to dry in extreme cold. Newly formulated solid paint markers from Sakura remain soft in extreme cold and dry in 5 to 7 minutes. Xylene based liquid paint pens from Competitive Advantage, Unipaint and ArroMark cure up to 80% faster at low temperatures. Click Here For More Info On Sakura Low Temperature Markers


Stainless Steel, Titanium, Nuclear Grade Metals. Many standard paint markers contain solvents Steel Service Centers need to be aware of what the chemical make up of markers is before marking these metals. Halogens that corrode stainless steel and titanium, weakening the structure of the metal. Solid paint markers are liquid felt markers both come in Low Halogen or Low Chloride versions. Sakura recently introduced a low halogen, certified solid paint marker and low chloride felt tip markers are available from a variety of manufacturers: Dykem, Markal, ArroMark, and JP Nissen. Online distributors such as MarkingPenDepot offer a variety of brands and types of markers. Click Here To View Low Chloride Markers

Bleed blpaintstik_appThru and Semi Permanent Marks. Bleed Thru markers are designed to leave a legible identification mark after the Steel Service Center has painted the metal. Markal BL is a solid bleed thru marker available in black and blue. Arro Mark Bleed Thru is a felt tip  version bleed thru paint pen and available in black, blue, red and green. Removable and Semi Permanent paint pens mark metal and are easily removed at galvanizing facilities in the cleaner bath. Conventional paint pens do not come off in this cleaner bath and require grinding or strong solvents to remove them. Galvanizing paint pens are available from SKM and Arro  Mark, a solid paint marker is available from Markal. Click Here For More Info On Bleed Thru Markers.