ImageThe Precast Industry uses permanent markers of various types for marking finished product. The marker requirements are stringent; must write on damp or wet surfaces, must withstand use on rough surfaces, must be UV resistant and withstand weathering and must be capable of writing legible instructions and numbers on finished products. The industry uses several different types of markers to accomplish these requirements.

Solid Paint Markers

Solid paint markers are solidified paint and an excellent choice for rough surfaces. Solid paint markers such as the Markal B Paint Stik and Sakura Solid Paint Marker are available in 19 colors and write on rough and wet or damp surfaces. These permanent markers are also an excellent choice for enclosed or underground areas because they do not contain any solvents.

Felt Tip Paint Markers

Felt tip paint pens are alcohol or xylene based markers for writing detailed messages. The tips are 1/8″ wide and capable of writing on most smooth surfaces. Xylene based markers such as The Pumper from Genpack or MPD X from Competitive Advantage are an excellent choice for wet surfaces and also dry quickly in extreme cold.

Steel Tip Markers

Steel tip markers are ideal for rough surfaces that require detail. The tips are 1/8″ wide and use a stainless steel roller ball to deliver the paint. Dalo and Texpen markers from ITW Dykem are ideal because the work on wet surfaces and the stainless steel roller ball is abrasive resistant. The Dalo and Texpen markers also use a pressurized barrel so users can write at a variety of angles without losing paint delivery.

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