Several factor must be considered when selecting a permanent paint pen.Image

  • Type Style-felt tip markers come in extra fine, fine, medium and broad tips ranging from .8mm to 5/8″.  Some markers come with replaceable nibs that can save you up to 40% . Steel tip markers are available in 3mm, 6mm and 8mm. Use steel tip markers when writing on rough surfaces such as rusty metal, aluminum castings and concrete.
  • Chemical Composition-permanent paint pens are either alcohol or xylene based. If you’re marking on extremely oily metals, frosted windows, or wet parts, you need the enhanced adhesion properties that xylene gives.
  • Fill Rate-Medium tip markers contain between 7 cc’s and 10 cc’s of paint. That’s 40% more paint in one marker over another. Most manufacturers do not publish the contents but the tops are relatively easy to remove and the contents can be measured.
  • Temperature resistance (standard markers work well up to 150 deg F and fade faster in temperatures above 150 deg. High temperature markers use colored glass pigments that resist temperatures up to 2000 deg F.
  • Low chloride levels for marking stainless steel, copper or aircraft materials such as titanium engine parts.
  • Qualified Supplier-distributors that focus on markers offer a variety of brands, tip sizes, and as many as 20 different colors. If you select the proper distributor they will assist you with samples to evaluate and support you with inventory once you select a brand.